Mathew Robins is a licensed architect in the state of California and a founding partner of Align Architecture. His approach to architectural design is a focus on the final built product based on clear, coordinated, workable solutions.

Mathew has contributed on design teams at Watts Architects and Planners, Rittmanic Building and Design, RFTA Architects, KM+P Architects, and MVA Architects. He is a graduate from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management. This education has provided him with a solid understanding and background in construction and engineering. Using this foundation, Mathew is uniquely positioned to provide successful design.



US Bank
Downey Savings and Loan
Wahoo's Fish Taco
Green Tea Tea Shops
Alexanders Salon
Orange County Wound and Hyperbaric
Sun Coast Properties
Anna's Linens
Twin Builders Inc.
Dickenson Construction
Fuse Mobile
Bristol Group
Tustin Ranch Golf Course
Orange County Sanitation District
Sky Park Partners LLC
University Offices
Scrap Metal Manufacturers
Vie De France
Oldroid Office complex
Pierce Park Learning Center


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